Yes, I disappeared from my blog right at the start of it, but two annoying hurricanes are to be blame for. Just like my island has changed, my blog’s main goal has changed. I will still be posting my pictures, but not with my original idea for this blog. Soon I will be showing some pictures of the disaster in my hometown. But before I begin showing my pictures, I will vent about my experience and how I feel after my drastic change in routine.

I was excited for this hurricane. I always wanted to experience a huge hurricane and feel the winds like a weather reporter, and I actually got to do that during the hurricane. I did a live outside in the rain of how strong the winds were. The adrenaline was pumping through my viens. I was in my happy place in the middle of destruction. I know! I know! I’m a weirdo. *rolls eyes* I got to document everything that happened around my town with pictures. The power never came back after this hurricane, and then came Maria.


Let me make this clear. I hate you Maria with all my heart. Anyways…I was excited definitely because living through something this big was a goal of mine. Was being the key word. I know I was safe in my home because my parents went full on survivor mode, but people passed the hurricane in the middle of their houses or in enclosed places because the winds destroyed windows of their homes. I have a friend who spend the night in the closet because she had a panic attack thanks to those horrible winds. Basically any house that was made of wood or zinc are gone. Even though I’m a freak who loves bad weather, the aftermath was horrible. Basic Puerto Rico looked like a horror movie. Anytime I see “No Service” in my cellphone it hurts my insides. Those long ass lines for gasoline were inhumane. I even got into a fight that I had no intention to end up in. Hearing the radio everyday just so we can know anything important was annoying. Only one radio station worked at first. When we finally were able to go 45 minutes away to San Juan a few days later and find some signal it was all tears from our family members and us.

In summary, my whole neighborhood went back many years when we used to socialize. I know one of my neighbors kids names. Everyone learn how to play Phase 10, and I learned how to shuffle a deck of cards well. I hate driving to San Juan it’s torture all the traffic one finds. At least there’s good signal. Almost everyone wants to leave the island. Every flight out of the island are full of people. Any flight in are half full with family members who want to help. People are abandoning their car at the airport. My university is giving classes outside. Any truck of the AEE seen is like watching God. Finding Ice is like a rare relic. Everything with the government and FEMA is shady af. I think things will never go back to normal, but the Band-Aid will hold for now.


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