That Little Impact

I swear that if it was completely sane to answer all of my text (even professional ones) in GIF’s, I would do it. I love them so much especially since they’re short and in an endless loop. I decided to create a few GIF’s of one of my favorite movies: La La Land and Harry Potter.


I need to wish more often for my life to be a musical and hope it happens one day cause I desperately want it to be.


Or just wish to have magical powers.


Yes, I am an exaggerated dreamer, but I like to let my inner child alive as much as I can. Thank you very much!


If I had to make a GIF of going to class in an uncomfortable situation, I could definitely  put my current situation, but it is not the worst. Here are some situations that just inhumane.

At least I haven’t passed through that.



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