We Are Tired

People are leaving Puerto Rico everyday. They can’t handle the change, and to tell you the truth I have mixed feelings for this semester. Yes, I want to graduate, but I’m tired of these crazy traffic jams I have to pass everyday and driving like I’m playing Crazy Taxi to survive and not get in an accident. Also, one have to rationalize gas because somedays the gas station its out of gas. Now we’re getting used to not having electricity, a good celphone signal, blackouts, limited food supply, waiting for specific days to wash your clothes, extreme floodings probably because of the trash everywhere, etc. One of the most annoying affects was hearing how FEMA fires a group of people who they recently hired because they no longer want to opporate in that location. I swear they’re trying to wrapping up as fast as they can so they can leave. One of the biggest problems are the deaths. Hearing about how patients die because of lack of resources or how a kid was trying to clean up the mess Maria made and dying because he caught an infection through the debris. There even have been suicides. It breaks my heart.

The truth is my daily life have changed drastically. I cry or almost cry everyday. One of the worst problems for my family was because of our generator. It couldn’t handle anymore and stopped working because it was used for 70 days straight. We are all passing through survival mode, and it’s all because of a bad government, electrical system, and distribution.


Here are photos of my town, Fajardo, after the hurricane pass.




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